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Prologue Play By Play

Time: 15:10:01
Check back here on Sunday for the play-by-play of the Tour of California Prologue!

Time: 20:40:45
Real time tour updates, for every stage. Check this window, or the Tour Tracker. Or register for SMS or e-mail updates by clicking the links above.

Time: 19:16:33
Remember, 10 AM tomorrow. See you all then!
Time: 08:44:12
Good morning everyone. It's cold but sunny this AM in San Francisco. Race start in about one hour and fifteen minutes.

Time: 08:46:42
Play-by-play updates will come every 1-2 minutes. For you geeks out there, we're doing this via browser and satellite, from the starting line.

Time: 10:02:10
Jackson Stewart, first rider, is out of the gate and on his way.

Time: 10:04:15
Mike Sayers of Healthnet Maxxis is off.

Time: 10:06:40
Jackson Stewart at the first time check at 5:38

Time: 10:09:38
Ekimov is pounding along the waterfront now.

Time: 10:19:54
Ekimov hammers his way up to the finish.

Time: 10:24:26
Nathan ONeill just went down with 120 yards to go. He's back up and riding...

Time: 10:26:08
Wow. Nathan ONiell has the time to beat at 5:10, in spite of that fall.

Time: 10:32:21
apologies folks if you're seeing some delays. first day jitters...

Time: 10:36:17
O'Neill, Australian national champion, still has the time to beat...

Time: 10:40:37
Jason McCartney of Team Discovery is now on the course.

Time: 10:42:13
We should have some video clips up for everyone to see soon. Click 'enlarge tour tracker' to view them.

Time: 10:43:50
We have a new time to beat. Fabian Cancellara is in at 5:04.

Time: 10:46:12
Cancellara rides for team CSC.

Time: 10:48:25
McCartney is in with a second-best time of 5:03.6. Cancellara has 5.03.4 or so...

Time: 10:54:18
Jens Voigt is out on the course. The CSC rider looks very smooth.

Time: 10:57:46
Lot of different bikes out there today. Some pure time trial, some regular road, for that last climb up Lombard Street.

Time: 10:59:19
Voigt's in at 5:26.

Time: 11:09:36
Stuart O'Grady just hit the course. He flew by so fast I didn't recognize his jersey...

Time: 11:14:23
Halfway through the riders so far and Cancellara is still in first. But O'Grady is flying up the hill.

Time: 11:15:59
O'Grady is in at 5:09. Cancellara is proving really hard to beat.

Time: 11:22:34
Fred Rodriguez is getting set to go.

Time: 11:31:53
Rodriguez has moved into fourth at 5:07.87

Time: 11:34:03
Discovery's Vladmir Gusev is in at 5:04.32.

Time: 11:37:15
Phonak's Robert Hunter is on the course. Bobby Julich and Chris Horner are coming up to the start ramp.

Time: 11:39:22
Almost 100 riders gone and Cancellara is still the guy to beat.

Time: 11:42:07
Tour De France veteran Bobby Julich is on the course.

Time: 11:43:33
Paolo Salvodelli is on the course. The Discovery rider is on a standard road bike. Probably looking to capitalize on that climb up Telegraph Hill.

Time: 11:46:46
The top guns are coming in, and we have a new leader: Bobby Julich at 4:57.

Time: 11:48:36
Bobby says he's really happy to be racing in America in February, and he felt great. He came in at 4:58.

Time: 11:51:33
Floyd Landis is warming up.

Time: 11:53:53
Landis is out on the course. The real heavy hitters are out there now.

Time: 11:56:21
Just uploaded the first few photos of the day, folks. Click 'enlarge tour tracker' if you haven't already. We'll have a steadier flow of content tomorrow.

Time: 11:58:50
Floyd Landis just finished at 4:59.  David Zabriske, who won the prologue at last year's Tour De France, is on the course.

Time: 12:00:51
George Hincapie is on the course. Remember him crushing everyone in a mountain stage in last year's Tour de France?

Time: 12:03:28
Zabriske is in at 5:09. Cadel Evans is on the course.

Time: 12:04:51
George Hincapie just throws his bike up the hill for a 2nd place time of 4:58.52. He's a whopping .4 seconds behind Julich's time.

Time: 12:06:13
Levi Leipheimer is on the course. He's a favorite in this race, and a local, from Santa Rosa.

Time: 12:07:48
Adjustment to Landis' time: 4:59.

Time: 12:09:39
New best time: Levi Leipheimer at 4:53.07.

Time: 12:11:04
David Zabriske: "I had a hard time keeping the leg speed up on the climb. I love it." He's a man of few words...

Time: 12:13:22
We should have a quote from Levi Leipheimer in a second. The last rider is in: Michael Rogers at 5:12.

Time: 12:16:11
Levi: "My teammates gave me great feedback before the start. I'm so happy and so proud to be racing here in California."

Time: 12:25:08
So, our unofficial podium today is Levi Leipheimer in 1st at 4:53.07, Bobby Julich in 2nd with a time of 4:58.01, and George Hincapie is 3rd with a time of 4:58.59.

Time: 12:26:57
We have an all USA sweep in the top 5 places, folks.

Time: 12:59:48
Governor Schwarzenegger just gave out the yellow jersey to Levi. Live play by play is now signing off. See you tomorrow in Santa Rosa.

Time: 13:29:11
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