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Stage 1

Time: 19:49:55
Stage 1 begins at 11:00 AM.
Time: 24:21:55
Remember to check out photos, video clips and the play by play from the Prologue, too. Click 'Live Race Coverage', just above the map.

Time: 10:39:10
Good morning everyone. Stage one of the Tour of California starts in about 20 minutes.

Time: 10:41:13
Today's stage starts in Sausalito, CA, and runs to Santa Rosa. On the way, the riders hit two modest 750-foot climbs.

Time: 10:43:17
There's one sprint that counts towards the green sprinter's jersey, at Pt. Reyes Station. Watch for the sprinters to do a lot of manuevering in the second 15 miles or so as they jockey for position.

Time: 13:44:09
Don't forget you can read a recap of the Prologue. Click here.

Time: 10:47:07
You can also see video and photos from the prologue in the Adobe Live Race Coverage window. Click the orange button above to open it, then select the stage you'd like to see.

Time: 10:53:05
Also, before we start reporting the race, a quick sponsor plug: Adobe is providing the Flash and Premiere software that powers the Live Race Coverage window, and Google has provided their Google Local technology for our maps. You can also subscribe to the race through the Google Homepage.

Time: 10:55:55
Today's stage starts in five minutes. The riders will do a few circuits in Sausalito to start, then head north.

Time: 11:12:23
Levi Leipheimer is pretty excited to finish in his hometown today. He's starting from the front, with the yellow jersey, but he's used to that. He told us his team is confident and knows what to do today.

Time: 11:27:26
The pack is heading up the initial big climb. Gerolsteiner is at the front, pushing the pace hard.

Time: 11:31:49
Lots of Lotto jerseys moving up in the pack now as they're descending towards Pt. Reyes.

Time: 11:35:13
The pack's pretty strung out. They're just flying down the descent.

Time: 11:36:19
They're heading up the next climb now. The first third of this race rolls quite a bit.

Time: 11:37:23
I apologize for the lack of live video folks. We once again have no broadband internet access. I'm typing play by play on a very slow wireless connection.

Time: 11:44:28
Everyone's still pretty much together. It's looking like it'll be a mass sprint at Pt. Reyes.

Time: 11:49:09
We're 9  miles into the race now. Gerolsteiner continues to control the pace. The course is just beautiful, by the way. Winding descents and climbs the whole way.

Time: 12:13:19
We are 12  miles into the race now. Average speed is 21.4 mph. Gerolsteiner continues to control the pace. They are serious about controlling this race, I think. On a short day like this, in a six-day Tour, any breakaway is dangerous.
Time: 12:23:41
We're at about the 20 mile mark now. The peleton is collecting itself for the sprint at 26 miles.

Time: 12:29:24
We've got a 2-man break!  Jackson Stewart and a Credit Agricole rider are off the front and headed for the sprint!

Time: 12:30:30
We've got a 2-man break!  Jackson Stewart and a Credit Agricole rider are off the front and headed for the sprint!

Time: 12:34:31
The breakaway is approaching Pt. Reyes and the sprint.

Time: 12:35:52
Jackson Stewart is sprinting away from the other rider in the break. It looks like he's going for the sprint!

Time: 12:38:49
I have to get confirmation from the motos but it looks like Jackson Stewart has won the sprint. Again, this is unconfirmed at this point. The two riders are back together again and working well.

Time: 12:44:36
The break has just crossed the 50 KM mark. The other rider is Jean Marc Marino of Credit Agricole.

Time: 12:45:50
The break now has a 1:20 lead over the peleton. Jackson Stewart and Jean Marc Marino could do some damage here....

Time: 12:50:52
The break is looking very strong and very smooth.

Time: 13:02:00
The Kodak OSN vehicle just pulled up to have a word with Stewart. They're flying past Bodega Bay now, on a long flat stretch as they head for the last big climb.

Time: 13:04:39
The break is now about three minutes ahead. That makes Marino the current yellow jersey holder, with Jackson in 2nd.

Time: 13:06:20
If the peleton doesn't make a move soon these guys are pretty much gone.

Time: 13:09:39
The break just crossed 44 miles or so. They're descending after a very short climb and they're looking very, very strong.

Time: 13:12:17
For those of you who are new to pro cycling: This kind of breakaway can be a major move. With two strong riders, working together, they can continue to increase their gap on the peleton, or main pack, until the riders in the peleton decide to work together. At the same time, the teammates of Jackson and Marino are working to slow the peleton and disrupt attempts to close the gap.

Time: 13:14:25
It's a chess match between those who want to increase the gap, and those who want to close it.

Time: 13:19:47
Stewart and Marino have increased their gap to 3:15. The Credit Agricole vehicle is heading for the break, probably to talk strategy. The leaders are headed for the biggest climb of the day.

Time: 13:23:06
Marino and Stewart are headed up the big climb now. The big question: Can they hold onto their lead, and keep working together as they head into Santa Rosa?

Time: 13:26:58
The break is maintaining a blistering 24 mph pace right now.

Time: 13:34:07
The peleton is narrowing the gap. Lead is down to 3:02.

Time: 13:36:45
Looks like there is a large chase group forming. They are pushing hard, taking turns pulling into the wind.

Time: 13:42:32
Gerolsteiner is at the front of the peleton now, pulling very, very hard. It's now or never to catch the break.

Time: 13:43:53
At the 52 mile marker, the gap is down to 2:50, and the breakaway is slowing to 23 mph.

Time: 13:46:50
The peleton has stretched out almost to single file. That's a sure sign they're moving as fast as they can.

Time: 13:48:23
Floyd Landis just tried to break away from the peleton. A lot of riders are attacking.

Time: 13:51:12
Two Discovery riders, Vladmir Gusev and Jason McCartney, just attacked and have jumped away from the peleton. The break is 2:20 ahead. The lead is shrinking fast.

Time: 13:54:19
At 58 miles the leaders are only 1:28 ahead. The peleton caught the two Discovery riders. Phonak and Discovery are leading the peleton down a twisting descent at 25 mph.

Time: 14:02:01
After nearly 40 miles alone, the break is only 45 seconds ahead now.

Time: 14:03:30
The break is now only 35 seconds ahead. They're trying to get to Santa Rosa alone. Once in town the riders have a 3-circuit race through city streets. Two riders alone would have a big advantage over a huge pack.

Time: 14:05:18
Stewart and Marino have sat up at this point. The peleton can see them. It's going to be a wild ride into Santa Rosa.

Time: 14:06:39
The peleton has caught the break just as they enter Santa Rosa. There are signs up saying 'Welcome Home, Levi'.

Time: 14:08:03
Gerolsteiner has moved to the front. They're controlling the pace.

Time: 14:09:45
The peleton is screaming into Santa Rosa's downtown at 28 miles per hour. Gerolsteiner, Phonak and Discovery are all at the front, eyeing each other, waiting for someone to make a move.

Time: 14:11:00
The racers are just flying. I know I keep saying that, but as a long time cycling junkie it's fun to watch this in person...

Time: 14:12:08
The riders now have 3 laps through downtown. It's a sprinter's race now.

Time: 14:15:31
A lot of bumping going on in the peleton as racers scramble for the front. No one wants to be caught behind a crash, should one happen.

Time: 14:17:58
Gerolsteiner looks really strong right now. They've had 4-5 riders at the front the whole through town.

Time: 14:19:51
Gerolsteiner is just hammering away at the front with 5 riders right now. They want this one for Levi, I think.

Time: 14:22:09
The pace has accelerated to 31 mph, 1 km to go in the first lap.

Time: 14:22:57
Two laps to go.

Time: 14:24:44
A Team Navigators is at the front now, followed by a wall of Gerolsteiner riders.

Time: 14:25:51
Riders from Navigators and Gerolsteiner at the front as they close in on the end of their second lap.

Time: 14:27:58
A lot of risky moves taking place right now as they maneuver for position going into the final lap. The crowd is five deep all around the course...

Time: 14:29:17
28 MPH as we go into the final lap. Discovery and Team Navigators at the front.

Time: 14:31:21
The final sprint is shaping up. The peleton is basically single file as riders try to stretch out and lead out their teammates.

Time: 14:34:24
And the sprint comes in at 40+ MPH. Lotto is leading.

Time: 15:03:42
Haedo wins it! Levi keeps the yellow jersey, but Haedo wins a fast, 32+ mph sprint.

Time: 13:30:34
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