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Stage 2

Time: 18:36:30
Good morning everyone. Stage 2 starts in 45 minutes. A beautiful day in San Jose today. Cloudless and about 60 degrees.

Time: 10:31:26
Remember you can see video and photos from stage one in the Adobe Live Race Coverage window.

Time: 10:32:26
And a quick morning sponsor plug: Adobe and Google have provided the technology we are using to do this play by play (Flash), the video clips and photos (also Flash) and these nifty race maps (Google Local). Thank you!

Time: 10:37:57
Knock wood, we have a live video feed from the motorcycles today.

Time: 10:52:36
Bobby Julich says his team is here to win it. He also says that the last third of today's stage will decide the race.

Time: 11:02:53
The race is off. We'll be sending photos and video as it gets to us. The motorcycles send video by radio, so there are times when we are blacked out. Thanks for your patience.

Time: 11:24:00
Temperature is going up fast, so riders are taking off tights and arm warmers right now.

Time: 11:30:15
The crowds are amazing. Schools are out to cheer. The riders are starting up their first climb.

Time: 11:37:24
Just crossed the 5 mile mark through rolling pastures. The peleton is together and heading up the first of a series of short climbs.
Time: 11:40:40
Just crossed the 5 mile mark through rolling pastures. The peleton is together and heading up the first of a series of short climbs.

Time: 11:44:53
A few riders have tried some attacks but have been reeled back in by the peleton.

Time: 11:58:43
Mike Creed of TIAA got the KOM with a 12 second gap. He's now headed down a very gnarly descent. Lots of off-camber turns.
Time: 12:05:39
Tim Johnson bridged and Ben Jacques-Maynes have bridged to Mike Creed. They are working together and have a 1:20 lead on the peleton.
Time: 12:15:30
A quick recap: Mike Creed broke away at mile 10; Ben Jacques-Maynes and Mads Kaggestad  bridged at 14 miles. They now have a 2-plus minute lead.

Time: 12:22:33
OK, this break is a threat now. Gerolsteiner has formed up at the head of the pack to chase.

Time: 12:31:03
The lead riders are on a windy switchback descent now. You should see these crowds. Folks are lining the climbs, running next to the racers.
Time: 12:34:34
The peleton has stopped chasing. The break has a 4:30 lead at mile marker 27 though. We will see what happens when the peleton hears that.
Time: 12:58:55
The break now has a 5:50 lead. At the sprint marker it was Ben Jacques-Maynes in first, Kaggestad second, then Creed third. They continue to work well together.  Sebastian Lang just had a bike change.
Time: 13:07:29
Gerolsteiner is chasing hard.

Time: 13:15:10
40 miles into the race the average speed is 21.8 mph.

Time: 13:35:13
At the 50 mile mark the break is now only 4:55 ahead. Gerolsteiner is at the front pulling hard. The peleton is stringing out a bit. Pack approaching the feed zone, then they're another set of climbs.
Time: 13:41:34
At 53 miles the gap is down to 4:53.
Time: 13:49:08
After 45 miles the three man break is still ahead by 4:50, but the gap is decreasing.

Time: 13:51:38
The peleton is headed for the second to last climb.
Time: 13:53:10
The peleton is headed for the second to last climb.
Time: 13:55:27
There was just a crash in the peleton. Everyone's back up and riding though. Three riders involved.

Time: 13:57:20
Remember, the winners of this stage get time bonuses. The gap is shrinking as Gerolsteiner really puts the hammer down.

Time: 14:00:44
The split is now down to 4:30. The peleton is single file, and the average speed is up to 23 MPH.

Time: 14:06:48
Mads Kaggestad just had a chat with his manager.

Time: 14:09:23
The gap is down to 3:40. Gerolsteiner is pushing the pace even harder at mile 63.

Time: 14:13:51
The peleton is now pushing at more than 30mph. Team Navigator has moved to the front. The break is only 2:40 ahead now. Shows you how fast the gap closes when the whole peleton works together.

Time: 14:16:32
The peleton is  now going 36 mph at mile 69.6. It's in single file as all the riders try to draft on the descent.

Time: 14:21:31
Healthnet Maxxis is at the front now. We're a few minutes from the final climb. This one counts towards the KOM jersey. The gap is down to 2:10.

Time: 14:26:45
The break is only 1:15 ahead now as they head up the big, final climb. Just to paint a picture, Sierra Road is STEEP. Pretty much every rider is out of their saddle. The crowd is lining the road 2 deep, which is great to see.

Time: 14:29:20
The peleton has the break in their sites. They are pounding up the hill. We are 3 KM from the king of the mountain.

Time: 14:31:24
Creed has dropped the other 2 riders in the break. He is really fighting hard. Discovery is leading the peleton.

Time: 14:33:28
Jacques-Maynes has been caught by the field. Creed is out of the saddle but you can see the peleton behind him. Kaggestad is caught. Creed may hang on for the KOM but he's struggling.

Time: 14:36:51
Creed is caught. The peleton is shattering. There is a 10-man break including 2 Discovery riders, and Levi Leipheimer. Levi is dangerous here. He is a strong climber and a great descender. Creed had one heck of a run, and he'll get the Adobe Most Aggressive Rider jersey for the day.

Time: 14:39:28
Levi Leipheimer has moved to the front. The 10-man break is shattered as Levi pushes it. Riders are dropping off the back of the group.

Time: 14:41:27
It's Leipheimer, Floyd Landis and Bernhard Kohl with 50 meters to go for the KOM!

Time: 14:44:52
Floyd Landis is dropped, and Bernhard Kohl takes the KOM, with Levi Leipheimer right on his wheel.

Time: 14:49:34
Kohl has consolidated his lead on in the KOM. Landis, Leipheimer and Kohl are blazing down the descent. It's very, very technical - lots of turns, one lane. The crowd at the top of the KOM was amazing. It looked like the Tourmalet - the riders had to ride single file.

Time: 14:52:19
Our three leaders are working together well. There is a two-man chase that includes Zabriske.

Time: 14:55:37
The 3 leaders have a 19 second gap on a chase group. They are descending at 45 mph. The peleton is totally shattered. 20k to go.

Time: 14:58:28
The three leaders are 25 seconds ahead of two riders, who are 55 seconds ahead of another group of 10.

Time: 15:01:02
The leaders  have 15 km to go. The two chasers have been caught and there is now one big chase group of about 16, about 30 seconds back.

Time: 15:03:21
Our three leaders are now 35 seconds ahead. The chase group is up to 19, with two Discovery riders bridging to the group. There are some strong sprinters in there, but they have to catch the leaders first.

Time: 16:07:53
The break is caught and now riders are attacking nonstop..
Time: 16:08:09
Warner is trying to get away. The group is whipping back and forth as riders try to get away.
Time: 16:08:26
We have 2 Discovery riders at the front. So are Landis and Julich. Leipheimer is keeping a close eye. 5k to go.
Time: 16:08:40
CSC team rider Christian Vande Velde has broken away!
Time: 16:08:56
He had a 30 meter lead but is now caught. Discovery at the front. They're really pushing it.
Time: 16:09:11
The lead riders are making a hard left. 3K to go.
Time: 16:10:11
Team Discovery is working to set up Hincape for the sprint.
Time: 16:10:26
The leaders are rolling in at 30 mph. 23 of them. Discovery is still in control.
Time: 16:10:42
They're headed for the finish.
Time: 16:10:56
Here they come, winding it up.
Time: 16:11:11
George Hincapie has it! Discovery ran that absolutely perfectly. He won the sprint on a great, 1KM leadout by his teammates.
Time: 16:11:28
Hincapie is now the leader of the Tour of California. Hincapie won today's stage. Chris Horner is second, and Josep Jufre Pou is third.
Time: 13:46:35
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