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Stage 3

Time: 10:06:02
Good morning everyone, and welcome to Stage 3 of the Tour of California. It is 60 degrees and sunny in San Jose today. The stage 3 time trial starts in one hour.

Time: 10:08:37
Today's time trial is a 17-mile route outside San Jose. It worms its way around the Chesbro and Calero Reservoirs.

Time: 10:12:49
If you have not already, check out yesterday's video and photos. There is some great stuff in there. View the Adobe Live Race Coverage Window and you can  browse it all.

Time: 10:14:51
Thanks to Adobe, Amgen and Google for making today's webcast possible.

Time: 10:17:14
My apologies to anyone who had trouble watching live video yesterday, or found the site a bit slow. We delivered video, play by play and photographs to 60,000 people in about 3-4 hours.

Time: 10:18:34
Even with satellite uplinks and multiple servers, that is a bit like filling up your gas tank with a small straw.

Time: 10:28:51
No video from the motos yet. Since today's a time trial we likely won't get any video until right at the 11 AM start time.

Time: 10:36:20
Something new today: Google has provided a GMAIL account for us: atocinfo@gmail.com. If you have any questions, e-mail them there and we will try to get answers during the race.

Time: 10:41:05
Gmail is working! Paul, the SMS signup form is fixed. Our apologies - we did some server rearrangement to better handle the number of viewers.

Time: 10:43:48
Jerry asks how fast the riders will go today. In a relatively flat time trial, depending on the wind, I'd expect to see speeds of 23-28 mph. Folks may be tired after the Sierra Road climb yesterday, though.

Time: 10:46:30
Geoffrey asked about past TT performances. Yes, Hincapie is fast. Zabriske is also very, very fast. Remember, he won last year's Tour de France prologue. He'll push hard today, since he's not that far back.

Time: 10:49:13
Thanks for all your questions folks. If we don't answer you specifically it's because we are trying to keep up with play by play as well. And thank you for the 'way to go' messages!

Time: 10:50:31
There is a bug in the race profile. We are aware of it. Apologies folks.

Time: 10:58:07
A viewer very correctly points out that riders will go very, very fast on the 2nd half of the course as they hit a downhill slope.

Time: 11:00:53
Roy asked who we are, and a few questions about the timetrial. Roy, we are a web company hired by AEG to maintain the site and follow the race in person. We are also cycling fans. The TT riders start from last to first place, basically. I believe they start every minute today. The first rider is off.

Time: 11:03:12
Three riders on the course now: Domingo Gonzales was the first out.

Time: 11:04:54
Bennett asked what Discovery's strategy will be. I don't know, but Hincapie is a very strong all around rider, and a lot of folks think today will determine the race.

Time: 11:09:17
Six riders on the course now. Note that all times are unofficial until after race end.

Time: 11:10:58
We have 121 riders starting at 1 minute intervals. So we are about two hours from Hincapie's start. Maybe a little less.

Time: 11:18:21
We should see the top riders in the overall starting in the next 90 minutes or so.

Time: 11:25:03
Correction, the first 112 riders will go out at 1 minute intervals. Then the last 9 will go out at 2 minute intervals.

Time: 11:32:12
For folks who are seeing 'buffering' for the live video feed, that means that the video is going out to a lot of people at the same time. But right now the motos aren't on the course, so you're not missing any racing.

Time: 11:39:32
Domingo Gonzales just finished at 39:33.60. He was our first rider today.

Time: 11:41:29
Our second rider is about to come in. Gustavo Artacho comes in at 40:54.13. Riders are starting bottom up according to the leaderboard.

Time: 11:42:41
Third rider is in at 40:26.54. That's David Robinson of OSN.

Time: 11:46:15
New best time: Vassili Davidenko at 39:00.81. We will continue providing times when we get new bests...

Time: 11:52:00
New time to beat. Mariano Friedick is in at 38:48.02. He passed two riders.

Time: 11:53:54
We are just posting times to beat at this point. Riders are coming in every minute or so. All times are unofficial but we'll post official the moment we get them.

Time: 11:56:43
Lars Ytting Bak has passed three riders and recorded a new time to beat of 38:00.27.

Time: 11:58:42
American cycling has come a long way in the last five years. Check out how many US riders are in the top 10 right now.

Time: 12:00:57
So has American cycling fandom. Two days ago a toll collector on the Golden Gate Bridge saw our race sticker and asked us a bunch of questions about who was leading, etc. That would not have happened two years ago.

Time: 12:02:17
There's a light shifting breeze right now, out of the north and west.

Time: 12:05:46
Juan Jose Haedo just came in at 41:32.78. He won stage one in Santa Rosa.

Time: 12:12:18
World champion time trialist Michael Rogers just finished at 38.16.90.

Time: 12:15:29
Fred Rodriguez is in at 38:41.48. The time to beat remains Bak at 38:00.27.

Time: 12:17:11
Lars Bak, the current leader, covered the course at 43 kph.

Time: 12:19:13
We've got Lars Bak in first, Michael Friedman in second and Michael Rogers in third.

Time: 12:28:24
Jens Voigt just came in at 38:04.78. That moves him into second, and Michael Friedman into 3rd. Friedman is a first year pro and two time team pursuit US national champ.

Time: 12:31:42
Vladimir is out on the course looking fast. He's on the video feed right now.

Time: 12:33:21
New best time: Stuart O'Grady at 37:45.20

Time: 12:35:05
And ANOTHER new best time. Fabian Cancellara at 37.01.19.

Time: 12:37:50
Cancellara is a 3-time Swiss TT champ. Ekimov just started.

Time: 12:40:24
Hincapie will start 121. Levi will go out right before him.

Time: 12:47:35
Antonio Cruz is in 5th place. He's currently the top American.

Time: 12:52:39
We still have Cancellara in first place and O'Grady in second.

Time: 12:55:01
Vladmir Gusev is now second at 37:01.75. Cancellara remains in first at 37:01.19.

Time: 12:56:58
Chris Horner has just started.

Time: 12:58:39
David Zabriske (Team Discovery) is about to start.

Time: 13:00:39
Davitamon-Lotto's Cadel Evans has just started

Time: 13:01:59
Sorry folks Zabriske is on CSC.

Time: 13:05:11
Floyd Landis is out on the course now. He's on Phonak.

Time: 13:07:02
OK, you're all on the ball folks. Zabriske is on CSC. Sorry - typo on my part. Leipheimer is about to start.

Time: 13:10:09
Discovery's Ekimov just barely bumped O'Grady to 4th with a time of 37:45.03.

Time: 13:14:21
Now Healthnet/Maxxis' Roulston bumped Ekimov to 4th with a time of 37.06.66.

Time: 13:18:34
By the way folks, we are having our play by play relayed to us by two-time Tour De France Femnin racer Patty Peoples...

Time: 13:21:04
Healthnet/Maxxis' Nathan ONeill has the new best time at 36:55.74. Again, all times are unofficial at this point.

Time: 13:22:37
The new top three are O'Neill, Cancellara and Gusav.

Time: 13:24:02
O'Neill crashed in the prologue and said he was looking to redeem himself today.

Time: 13:26:49
Prodier Sauvier Duval rider Gilberto Simoni is in at 39:57.84. Discovery's Jason McCartney is in at 37:43.18. That puts him in sixth place.

Time: 13:28:43
The crowds have been great throughout the Tour, by the way. We've got a nice crowd here cheering, ringing cowbells, the whole bit. And the climb up Sierra Road yesterday looked like the Tourmalet.

Time: 13:31:34
O'Neill remains the man to beat. Christian Vandevelde of team CSC has moved into sixth place.

Time: 13:33:36
Chris Horner's coming in. The Davitamon Lotto rider is in at 38.06.43.

Time: 13:35:34
Discovery's Thomas Danielson is in at 37.41.10.

Time: 13:38:20
New best time! CSC's Zabriske is in at 36:24.53. Now we'll see what the top four have left in their legs after yesterday.

Time: 13:39:48
Another new best time. Phonak's Floyd Landis is in 35:58.91.

Time: 13:40:58
With three left to go we have Landis/Zabriskie/O'Neill 1-2-3.

Time: 13:42:21
CSC's Bobby Julich moves into third with 36:33.89.

Time: 13:44:54
Gerolsteiner's Levi Leipheimer is in at 37.13.97. It's all on Hincapie now.

Time: 13:47:34
Here comes Hincapie! He's head down, hammering for the line. He's in at 36:53.95.

Time: 13:50:58
The top five today are Landis, Zabriskie, Julich, Hincapie, O'Neill.
Time: 13:54:53
That's it for today folks. Recap and official results will come up as soon as we get them. Thanks for your great e-mails during today's race.

Time: 16:09:48
Official results coming soon everyone.