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Tour of California Quotes

Floyd Landis "The race and the organization will be judged by how it goes. As far as I can tell it went perfect."

Floyd Landis
Rider, Phonak Hearing Systems
Winner of the inaugural ATOC

"It's been a great experience for us to be part of the premiere edition of this race – a race that has the potential to become a very important one. It has especially been a pleasure to see the fantastic support from the sponsors and the fans all through the race. I've also been very impressed with the race organization – they have certainly done a good job on all accounts."

Bjarne Riis
Manager, Team CSC and 1996 Tour de France Champion
From San Francisco Chronicle, "Tour of California Earns High Marks" by Dan Giesin, 3/1/2006

"I would like to extend this race for 12 weeks."

David Zabriskie David Zabriskie
Rider, Team CSC
Third American ever to wear the Yellow Jersey in the Tour de France and 2nd Overall in 2006 ATOC

"I think it's a perfect placement [on the UCI Calendar]. If you moved it anywhere else, you'd have a bigger conflict with some of the bigger European races. It's also very beneficial for American cycling because we can start our season a little bit earlier and what the carry over will be is that you'll have a lot of European teams probably coming over to beautiful California for training camps […] With the turnout that we've had and the weather that we've had and all of the excitement that the Tour of California has generated, you can't even think about changing the date. Everything has been perfect."

Frankie Andreu
Director Sportif, Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team

"The crowds were amazing. At the finish here with so many (people) it just says so much for cycling here in the U.S. Everybody is asking what's going to happen to cycling now that Lance has stopped. This is just a great example of the fact that there's still so much more that we can do and we have so many talented American cyclists. Just look at the GC here at this race. It's all Americans and as you saw in the Tour de France last year I think there were four or five Americans in the top 15. We're going to miss Lance, but we still have a huge talent pool and there's a lot of exciting stuff to come.

It's very high up on the list. I think it was a great event. It's a good indication that all of the foreign riders were happy with the event. It couldn't have gone any better."

George Hincapie George Hincapie
Rider, Discovery Channel Professional Cycling Team
Winner of ATOC Stages 2 and 4, 4th place overall

"This race beats by far all those earlier races - better roads, definitely the weather, the way this race is built. Here we had good balance, not superhard, not easy. The participation is just amazing. This is the strongest field so far this year."

Johan Bruyneel
Director Sportif, Discovery Channel Professional Cycling Team
From International Herald Tribune, "Amgen Tour's California race is a tour de force" by Sam Abt, 2/28/2006

"I believe it will be a major thing. The organization here behind the race is perfect and the leadership is quite good. I'm surprised at the good job they've done so far."

Brian Holm
Director Sportif, T-Mobile Team

"I love the hospitality here."

Marco Pinotti
Rider, Prodir-Saunier Duval
Italian National Time Trial Champion

"To keep up with cycling, I had to go to the library to get copies of French magazines. And now this race, with some of the finest riders in the world, rolls into cities and towns here, and young people can see their heroes firsthand. This will build a new generation of riders."

Andy Hampsten
The only American ever to win the Giro d'Italia and a fourth-place finisher in the Tour de France. Excerpted from International Herald Tribune, "Amgen Tour's California race is a tour de force" by Sam Abt, 2/28/2006

"We hope the race comes back next year," one mother said, "because then we'll put together a book of songs to sing with cowbells." That might be one of the few ways to improve this race."

Sam Abt
Noted cycling journalist for the International Herald Tribune and the New York Times Excerpted from International Herald Tribune, "Amgen Tour's California race is a tour de force" 2/28/2006

"From the moment I heard about the Amgen Tour of California, I knew it would be of the highest quality. I can say now that it was even better than expected."

Levi Leipheimer Levi Leipheimer
Rider, Gerolsteiner
Winner of San Francisco
Prologue, first-ever wearer of Amgen Leader Jersey and overall winner of the California Travel and Tourism King of the Mountains competition

"It looks to be a good race. Not just good teams here, but the teams have brought good riders as well, and they're all motivated to do very well. From the UCI's point of view, it's good to see this in its first year. I have no doubt that the potential is here to grow and develop this race into a big, big spectacle in both the state of California and the United States."

Pat McQuaid
President of the UCI, the international governing Body of cycling