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TNT Corner: Tech N Training

Frame Material: Which Is Right for Me?

Bicycle frames are made from four major materials: steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber. Each has its place, its strengths, and its weaknesses. With so many choices out there, each rider must decide what their priorities are. Because no one bicycle can be among the lightest in weight, inexpensive, exotic in ride and gorgeously decorated, riders must choose what is most important to their cycling experience.

Taking Care of Yourself: What do I Need to Ride?

For most folks, cycling is most fun when it is both comfortable and safe. There are a few items that can make your riding more enjoyable and increases the chance that you’ll return home in one piece.

Things to Know When You Are Looking for a Bike

Buying a bike has gotten to be a bit like looking for a new vehicle. There are more choices than you can even make sense of. There are bikes for racing on the road, BMX, time trials, track and cyclocross. There are mountain bikes with hard tails, full suspension, 29-inch wheels and single speeds. There are bikes for urban commuters, for loaded touring and of course tandems.

The Life of a Pro Cyclist

The 136 elite athletes competing in this year’s Amgen Tour of California typically ride their bikes twice as many miles as the average person drives their car each year. Pro cyclists put between 20,000-25,000 training and racing miles into their legs per annum. That’s a whole lot of time in the saddle so like athletes in any sport, it begins with training.

The Rise of Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is the dominant material for constructing high-performance racing bikes today. It has supplanted aluminum, steel and even titanium as the material of choice for the world's top professionals... more

Wipeout in Turn Four! What Causes a Crash?

Almost 15 years ago now, I was in a club for-fun race. Two or three (maybe four?) of us were off the front, trying to get away from the pack, when suddenly I found myself on the ground, pretzeled around my bicycle... more

Leg-Shaving in Cycling

So, why do racers shave their legs? I'll answer to the best of my ability. I've never gotten a straight answer from anyone, but lots of racers and serious recreational riders will likely agree... more

Pre-Race Interviews

Behind the scenes at the preparation that goes into the Amgen Tour of California from a few unique perspectives: that of the director sportif, coach and chief race medical director...more

Felt F75 Review

Sure, you've seen the F75 Special Edition on the Tour of California web site. And the idea of owning a limited-edition bike just makes your palms itch. But is it worth it? We took a Felt F75 out for a spin, just to make sure... more

Time Trial Bike

Built for Speed: Amgen Tour of California Time Trial Bikes Slice the Wind, Seconds Off the Clock.

Time Trials. Called 'the race of truth', these races pit cyclists against the clock, the course and the limits of their own endurance. The time trial is a unique event, and it calls for a unique bicycle... more

Tires Tech: There's more to them than you think.

A tire's a tire, right? Wrong. Racers in this year's Tour of California will rely on tires as sophisticated as any other part of their bike. more

How the Pros Train: Heart Rate and Power

It's a safe bet that all of the riders in this year's Amgen Tour of California have used heartrate monitors in their training regimen. But many are now adding an element to their training: Power measurement. more