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Part of being safe when riding a bicycle means keeping your bicycle in good condition. Just like a car, your bicycle needs constant care and maintenance. In this lesson, you will learn the necessary checks and adjustments needed for a safe ride. Think of it as a responsibility and something you can be proud of!

Every time you ride your bicycle, you should check the following items to make sure they are correct, especially if you are going to be riding all day!


  • Your reflectors should be clean.
  • Your mirrors should be adjusted properly
  • Your bell should be loud and clear.


  • Your brakes should stop the bike quickly and smoothly.
  • Your chain should not be loose or rusted.
  • Your pedals should be on tight and undamaged.


  • Your wheels should spin freely and not wobble.
  • Your tires should be firm and not squeak.


  • Your saddle (seat) should not move.
  • Your handlebars should be at a comfortable height and not move.