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Official 2013 Jerseys

Official jersey partner of the Amgen Tour of California

Official jersey partner of the Amgen Tour of California

A long-standing tradition for professional cycling races, the special race jerseys will be awarded daily to overall race leaders in several categories. The 2013 race, which will cover  miles of scenic California roadways and highways from May 12– 19, will feature many of the world’s elite cyclists vying for these ‘leader’ jerseys.:

2013 Leader Jersey

2013 Amgen Race Leader Jersey

The coveted yellow jersey is awarded daily to the rider with the lowest cumulative time over the entire race. The rider wearing this jersey often changes from stage to stage as each day’s results are added into the equation. It is possible for a rider to win the Amgen Race Leader Jersey without winning a daily stage since the jersey takes into account overall times. 

2013 KOM Jersey

2013 Nissan King of the Mountain Jersey

The 2013 race is characterized by a great deal of climbing, and this jersey goes to the peloton’s strongest climber. A cyclist earns this jersey by collecting points at designated King of the Mountain (KOM) locations located at the tops of mountains and hills. Only the first three cyclists to reach the top on rated climbs receive points towards this award.

<2013 Sprint Jersey

2013 Visit California Sprint Jersey

The Sprint Jersey is awarded to the rider that accumulates the most bonus points, which are given based on Sprint Line performances as well as finishing the stage in the top-15 places. Cyclists who specialize in bursts of power and speed, or consistently finish near the top of each stage, will have the best chance to wear the respected green jersey. 

2011 Best Young Rider Jersey

2013 Crunchies Best Young Rider Jersey

Crunchies, “Nature’s Ultimate Snack Food,” is a first-time sponsor of this sought-after Best Young Rider jersey. It will be awarded on the podium daily to the rider under age 24 with the least amount of elapsed time over the entire race to that point. This jersey is an easy way to spot rising cycling stars.

2012 Exergy Most Aggressive Rider

2013 Amgen Breakaway from Cancer© Most Courageous Rider Jersey

This special and traditional jersey will be awarded daily to the cyclist who best exemplifies the character of those engaged in the fight against cancer – courage, sacrifice, inspiration, determination, and perseverance.