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Tom Zirbel: Estoy Listo!

I'm excited to feel the thrill of competition once again

Estoy Listo!

That's two years of high school Spanish at work there, folks. I'm a new member of the Jamis/ Sutter Home Cycling Team and anybody who knows the U.S. domestic racing scene, knows that Jamis / Sutter Home has a handful of native Spanish speaking riders and staff, including my new boss Sebastian Alexandre. In fact, I must have been asked "How's your Spanish?" about 10 times from different people in the first week that the signing was announced. I respond a confident "mas o menos."

Anyway, I'm ready for the Amgen Tour of California. What I mean is I'm ready to start accepting the fact that in two days, I'll again be lining up with many of the best riders in the world for the biggest cycling event in the U.S. (insert expletive)! This comes less than two months after finding out that I would even be allowed to race this season. Quite the emotional roller coaster I've been riding with regards to this sport over the past twenty months. Fortunately, the last couple of months have been mostly in the upward direction. Read the Full Article at  www.cyclingnews.com