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No Santa Rosa in sixth Amgen Tour of California

Leipheimer inteprets AEG Sports' course selection

Andrew Messick, President of AEG Sports, recently announced the list of 15 cities that will highlight the sixth annual Amgen Tour of California held from May 15-22, 2011. Notably absent from the list was Santa Rosa, which has had a five-year tenure on the race route and is the home of three-time overall winner Levi Leipheimer (RadioShack).

"Let me talk about the things that weren't considerations and those are any doubts about Santa Rosa as a community, the organizing committee, as a place where there's a passion for bike racing, and a passion for our race," Messick said. "I've said many times and I'll continue to say that Santa Rosa is one of the cities that gets it right, and there's very little that we can tell Santa Rosa to do that they're not already doing."

Santa Rosa was selected as a host city for all five previous editions of the Amgen Tour. Leipheimer admitted that he was disappointed his hometown did not make the cut for the sixth edition. However, he acknowledged the importance of the race visiting other California cities.

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